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Zicam-nasal-spray-instructions, zicam is completely different ® from most other cold remedies because it actually shortens colds versus just temporarily relieving symptoms. this zinc-free homeopathic formula is delivered in our special no-drip nasal spray form. our unique plant-based formula provides multi-symptom cold relief and helps open and flush your nasal passages to relieve congestion.. How should zicam be used? zicam (oxymetazoline) nasal spray comes as a solution (liquid) to spray into your nose. zicam (oxymetazoline) nasal spray is usually used every 10 to 12 hours as needed, but not more often than twice in a 24-hour period., about our nasal congestion, cold, and allergy relief products including nasal sprays, quick-dissolve tablets, oral mist, lozenges, kids soft chews, and more. zicam® cold remedy rapidmelts, ultra rapidmelts, oral mist, and nasal spray are clinically proven to shorten colds when taken at the onset, and the #1 pharmacist-recommended cold remedy..

Directions. keep carton for complete warnings and information. for best results, use at the first sign of a cold and continue to use until symptoms completely subside., zicam cold remedy no drip nasal spray at walgreens. get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for zicam cold remedy no drip nasal spray.

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