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Zero-waste-sponge, at the heart of every squeeze sponge is a cellulose core. cellulose can be made from a variety of plant fibres - our is a blend of wood pulp, cotton and flax - which are broken down and baked to form a porous squishy sponge. nothing is wasted - any offcuts or misshapes are ground down and poured back into the mix to make new sponges.. Our zero waste un-sponges are a reusable, sustainable, and plastic free kitchen alternative to traditional plastic sponges! made with 100% compostable and plant-based material- cotton print or coffee sack top, brushed cotton base, and a cellulose core which offers flexibility, easy foaming, and quick drying, if transforming your home into a more eco-friendly place is important to you, then this zero-waste reusable sponge a good alternative to those traditional throw-away plastic dish sponges..

These natural sponges are actually the ripe gourds of a plant called luffa aegyptiaca, usually found in africa and tropical asia. the mature fruits are dried to reveal an inner fiber netting that’s ideal for dish cleaning or skin scrubbing. loofah is organic and easily cultivated, making it an excellent zero-waste sponge. what about sea sponges?, zero waste sponge, unsponge, heavy duty sponge with bamboo fiber, reusable kitchen sponge, zero waste kitchen oakpopaperco. from shop oakpopaperco. 5 out of 5 stars (1,351) 1,351 reviews $ 6.50. favorite add to more colors washable sponge. perfect addition to the ecofriendly & zero waste home..

Buy zero waste natural sponges for dishwashing handmade eco reusable unsponges recycling organic sponges kitchen dish scrubber 3 in set best eco lifestyle gift on amazon.com free shipping on qualified orders, diy zero waste kitchen sponge using a rotary mat and cutter, cut both fabrics and the tulle into 5” squares. cut as many squares as you would like to have finished sponges out of all fabrics. if you prefer your sponges to be a rectangle shape, feel free to cut them in that shape instead!.

When looking for a zero waste sponge alternative, the loofah is a clear stand out considering this! the loofah has become one of our favorite dish sponges for pots, pans and even wine glasses! loofah sponges are great for cleaning almost everything, anything that needs scrubbed but can't withstand abrasive steel wool., do you know kitchen sponges are covered with mold and bacteria? is my sponge may be dirtier than my toilet? it’s awful. instead of cleaning my dishes, i add bacteria to my dishes..

Zero waste store offers all natural, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives to items people use in their everyday lives, at an affordable price! all of our products are free from toxins, chemicals, plastic, and more. lead the trend of sustainability by switching to zero waste products today!