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Zero-clearance-fireplace-chimney-installation, zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-manufactured heating appliances that are safe to place directly against or within a couple of inches of combustible materials, such as a sheetrock wall, wood, or paneling. the fact that a buffer zone is unnecessary means that zero-clearance fireplaces fit and can be safely used in tight spaces.. 10 good reasons to install a zero-clearance fireplace. if you would like to add the coziness of a roaring fire to different rooms of your home, a zero-clearance fireplace may be a perfect appliance for you. these pre-manufactured fireplaces can be installed either directly against or within a few inches of combustible materials, depending on manufacturer’s instructions for the unit., also known as factory built fireplaces, zero clearance fireplaces or zc fireplaces take their name from the ability to enclose them in wood framing. in almost all cases, the framing of a zc fireplace can make direct contact with the fireplace being installed, allowing a relatively simple and straightforward installation..

Installing a woodstove in an existing fireplace opening: this article discusses the safety questions that arise if you are installing a wood burning stove - a woodstove - where there is an existing fireplace or an existing zero-clearance fireplace - a case giving rise to special fire clearance worries., zero clearance fireplaces are a great and cost effective way to add a fireplace to a home that was originally constructed without one. our gas and wood burning zero clearance fireplaces offer plenty of customization to caterer to any style. no need to construct a full masonry chimney that can seriously impact the layout of the home..

A common misconception is if there is stone, brick, tile, or rock around your fireplace, then it is a masonry fireplace. this is not true. many zero clearance fireplaces have brick, tile, rock, or stone exteriors. it's what is on the inside that counts. manufacturers have become very good at making pre-fab fireplaces look like they are masonry., triple-wall metal chimneys for fireplaces triple walled metal chimneys such as shown in carson dunlop associates [at reviewers] sketches are often used to vent "zero-clearance" fireplace inserts. this article gives detailed inspection points and a photo guide to triple-wall metal or fireplace chimney defects & inspection procedures..

Duratech chimney pipe installation guide duratech by simpson duravent is an all-fuel chimney system for use with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas, and zero-clearance fireplaces that are factory-built. duratech chimney systems are designed for normal, continuous operation at