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Zelkova-serrata-green-vase-tree, zelkova serrata, commonly called japanese zelkova, is a medium to large deciduous tree, typically growing to 50-80’ tall with a spreading, generally upward-branching, vase-shaped crown. it is native to japan, taiwan and eastern china. it is noted for its graceful shape, clean foliage, attractive bark and resistance to dutch elm disease.. Zelkova serrata‘green vase’ figure 1. young ‘green vase’ japanese zelkova. ‘green vase’ japanese zelkova1 edward f. gilman and dennis g. watson2 introduction ‘green vase’ somewhat resembles the vase shape of american elms, is more upright in habit and tolerant of pollution, makes a great city street tree and, zelkova serrata 'green vase' a fast-growing, medium-sized, deciduous tree. 'green vase' matures to a graceful, uniform v-shaped tree with a short trunk and upright branching. bark is distinctive, predominantly in shades of yellows and light greys and has a flaky appearance revealing additional textures and tones of orange, brown and pink..

Green vase zelkova is a shade tree with resistance to dutch elm disease. usda hardiness zone 5., zelkova serrata is planted as a lawn or park tree for its attractive bark, leaf color and vase shape. it provides good shade and has an easy fall cleanup. it is easy to transport, and often available in burlap form. it is also commonly used for bonsai ; its attractive shape and colors make it a popular choice for the art..

Japanese zelkova zelkova serrata. japanese zelkova is a tough urban tree for residential shade and street plantings. it has a spreading, generally upright branching, vase-shaped habit. the crown is shorter and more rounded than the american elm. the bark is a smooth, reddish brown when young with prominent cherry-like lenticels., the zelkova tree will tolerate most soil types, including those with a ph to about 7.5 (not alkaline-tolerant), but prefers a moist deep loam. it is reportedly risky to transplant in the fall. established trees are fairly drought-tolerant, requiring little irrigation unless located in sandy soil..

A hardy alternative to the american elm why 'green vase' zelkova trees? the green vase zelkova has everything you could ever want in a shade tree, from its ornamental interest in every season and pest and disease resistance to hardy, tolerant growth. covered in oblong, dark green leaves in the spring and summer, the vase-shaped tree brings spectacular color and visual interest for months at a ..., japanese zelkova is closely related to elms but is resistant to dutch elm disease (ded). it tolerates urban conditions well and can be used as a street tree. this tree has interesting bark, clean serrated foliage and good fall color. this plant has some cultivated varieties. go to list of cultivars. tolerant of both acidic and alkaline soils..

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