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Zamp-solar-plug-polarity, sidewall port adapter part number: zs-bdc-adpt. in order to plug one of our solar maintainers into a zamp sidewall port, you’ll need this short (5-inch) adapter cable.. Sunway solar sae polarity reverse adapter connectors for quick disconnect extension cable, solar panel battery power charger and maintainer-3pack, innovation. whether it is the easy view charge controller or the sturdy tilt leg, zamp solar has a history of innovating the best solutions to make life easier for you.. Best solar panels for a zamp ready trailer and how to use third-party panels. if you have an rv, travel trailer like an airstream or a fifth wheel with a zamp solar port, you can connect solar panels through this port to your 12v rv house batteries., zamp wires their solar panels in an effort to make them safe to use and in an effort to avoid accidents since the panels do convert sunlight into energy and it is possible for a user to put themselves in series with a solar panel and receive an electrical shock should they become part of the circuit when hooking up and using a solar panel..

My taxa tigermoth adventure trailer has a so-called 'zamp' connection on the outside of it for wiring solar panels to charge the battery. i say 'so-called' because actually the plug itself is a standard sae connector, but the solar company zamp wires the plug up with opposite polarity to the industry standard., i've read several posts on connect non-zamp pvs through the zamp port. most of it sounded very complicated. when it got down to it, i cut the wires coming out of the back of the zamp port and soldered a a new piece of red wire to the black wire coming out of the port and a section of black wire to the red wire coming out of the port..

Both will plug into the fwc's zamp rear sae plug (i'll have to get or make the reverse-polarity adapter) and will be used w/o their included charge controllers, allowing the zamp 30a to handle the battery charging. the controller would obviously be needed for other charging applications outside the fwc., plan starts: plans start date of purchase. coverage for mechanical breakdowns begins after the manufacturer's warranty expires. coverage detail: 100% functional parts and labor included on products used for normal use, including mechanical and electrical failures, for parts purchased on amazon within the last 30 days..

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