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Younger-family-tree-a-raisin-in-the-sun, theme dreaming- house, liquor store, doctor, better opportunities for travis fighting racial discrimination -unavoidable -lindner tries to bribe the family -replies with defiance family- unite in the end to move into the home travis the son of walter and ruth. he is 11yrs old.. A dream deferred is often assumed to be something tragic, devastating, and that can cause an individual to become hopeless. however, unattainable dreams are chances for replenished and better opportunities. likewise, in the play a raisin in the sun by lorraine hansberry, the common misconception that a better opportunity cannot sprout from a dream deferred […], a raisin in the sun essay. the injustices they commit” (brainy quotes). in lorraine hansberry’s play, a raisin in the sun, the younger family lives in south side chicago and faces racial discrimination..

Synopsis of the story. the youngers are by any measure an impressive family. a part of the great black migration from the south, walter younger sr. and his devoted wife lena settled in a tiny, cramped apartment on the south side of chicago successfully made a secure life for themselves and their two children, walter lee and beneatha., in lorraine hansberry's classic play a raisin in the sun, each member of the younger family has their own personal dreams and plans to spend the family's ten-thousand-dollar insurance check. lena ....

Freebooksummary.com . family in” a raisin in the sun”, lorriane hansberry depicts many aspects of human nature, especially family. family is expressed in different ways. mama strongly believes in the importance of family throughout the book., freebooksummary.com . “it is unfulfilled dreams that keep you alive. ” when a dream it unfulfilled someone can make room for a new dream that they can set themselves out to achieve. unfulfilled dreams may not always lead straight to the end result of happiness, but those unfulfilled dreams are what keep people alive..

The idea of family is a central theme in lorraine hansberry’s play a raisin in the sun. hansberry alludes to the old testament book of ruth in her play to magnify “the value of having a home and family”(ardolino 181). the younger family faces hardships that in the moment seem to tear them ..., -mr. lindner, is a white proud member of the neighborhood clybourne park. clybourne park is an all white neighborhood that the youngers family planned on moving into. mr. lindner wanting to keep his neighborhood all white, offered the youngers family a deal of money in exchange for the youngers not to move into this neighborhood..

Essay on racism: a raisin in the sun and family man walter lee is a desperate man, shackled by poverty and prejudice, and obsessed with a business idea that he thinks will solve all of his economic and