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You-clean-a-stainless-steel-coffee-mug, clean a stainless steel coffee mug with baking soda. stainless steel coffee mugs have long been used for their durability, keeping coffee warm while holding their like-new appearance. when you use this kind of coffee mug repeatedly for an extended period of time, however, residue and odor often build up inside.. If you use a vacuum-insulated stainless steel container or travel mug for your morning coffee, you can employ some of my favorite ingredients to clean and deodorize it. put a tablespoon or two of..., many people choose stainless steel coffee cups, mugs, and thermoses over other materials because it keeps the liquids so warm. using them is simple, but cleaning them takes a little more effort. keep reading for information on how to keep your stainless steel looking new..

To clean a stainless steel coffee carafe, drop one cup of baking soda in the thermos or carafe and fill the container with hot water.scrub the inside of the container with a bottle brush until all the stains are gone. empty the stainless steel pot or cup, rinse it well, and dry it with a paper towel., a stainless steel travel mug is a good investment because a quality mug can last for many years. when you have that favorite cup and carry it every day, you rapidly become attached to it and needing to find a different mug seems like abandoning an old friend..

Best way to wash your stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle, coffee mugs & tumblers introduction . we are already suffocated by too much plastic, so if you want to do something for the environment and for your health, opt for a hydro flask, insulated water bottle, or stainless steel coffee mugs.