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Kitchenaid-fridge-air-filters-canada, refrigerator replacement filters now delivered to you at an economical price. these replacement refrigerator filters deliver clean and fresh drinking water, fitting many of the popular refrigerators on the market today that are equipped with water filtration.. 218657600 218657701 218710901 218710902 218717805 218732306 218904501 218904602 218907800 218994101 240389101 240389102 240394501 5303917752 5303917836 5303917937 5303918017 ngrg-100 ngrg2000 ngrg-2000 rc101 rc-101 rc200 rc-200 rc900 rc-900 rf100 rf-100 rf200 rf-200 rg100 rg-100 wfcb wf1cb wfb wfcb wf1cb swfcb swf1cb wf1cb-3 wf1-cb wf1cb-eff ps503627 ps898866 wf-1cb rfc2300a 4609906000 ..., fridge filterz fflg-345-2 cyst filter (standard 42 & 53) 2 pack replacement water filter is designed to fit selected lg* refrigerators. this premium water filter is designed to remove sediment, chlorine taste and odour as well as contaminants and heavy metals including lead, mercury, lindane, 2-4-d, atrazine and benzene, to name a few, that may be present in your drinking water..

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