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Deep-cleaning-teeth-for-periodontal-disease, if your dentist or dental hygienist believes that you have early signs of periodontal disease, you should undergo a periodontal deep cleaning to remove all the tartar, plaque, and bacteria from below your gum line. a deep cleaning will prevent further infection and help your teeth and gums heal.. [su_heading size=”16″]what causes periodontal disease?[/su_heading] periodontal disease is initially caused by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that forms on teeth., the american dental association reports that nearly half of the us population over the age of 30 is affected by gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. around 46% of adults have periodontitis, representing around 65 million people. depending on how far periodontal disease has developed, the best way to receive treatment for gum disease is with a professional teeth cleaning..

Deep cleanings are recommended primarily after a patient shows signs of gum disease in a comprehensive periodontal evaluation (cpe), which the american academy of periodontology (aap) suggests having once a year., deep teeth cleaning definition also referred to as root planning or scaling, deep teeth cleaning is a procedure carried out by a dental hygienist so as to treat periodontal and gum disease..

We all know that cleaning our teeth is extremely important, but having them cleaned professionally by a dentist is often overlooked. a good professional clean every now and then will eliminate tartar, debris, and bacteria from the teeth and gums preventing diseases and maintaining oral health., teeth scaling is a deep dental cleaning that is often performed along with root planing. these procedures help clean bacteria from below the gum line and help gums grow back along the base of teeth.. Periodontal disease can increase your risk for conditions like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. untreated, it can also result in tooth extraction., diagnosis. to determine whether you have periodontitis and how severe it is, your dentist may: review your medical history to identify any factors that could be contributing to your symptoms, such as smoking or taking certain medications that cause dry mouth.; examine your mouth to look for plaque and tartar buildup and check for easy bleeding.; measure the pocket depth of the groove between ....

The homemade mouth wash solution you posted above is a clever way to prevent periodontal disease. some of the best preventative measures are natural, and this rinse certainly falls into that category.